Swisscom launches new no-frills service with TV

Wingo_Press_2_thumbnailSwisscom has launched a new no-frills brand targeted at “digitally savvy” younger customers that will include an optional TV offering.

Swisscom is launching Wingo, a brand that is says will offer individualised products stripped down to meet basic needs.

Swisscom aims to target residential customers that existing Swisscom offerings have been unable to reach effectively.

Communication with customers, ordering subscriptions and support will only be offered online. The fixed network offering will only be available in areas where customers have been supplied with Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH), so as to minimise technical complexity.

High-speed internet access will be available for CHF75 (€72) a month. The TV option, for CHF14, will give access to 150 TV channels.

“Wingo will allow us to specifically target digitally savvy, urban customers that Swisscom has so far been unable to reach effectively. We will acquire new customers with a reduced service, simplified offerings and low prices,” said Marc Werner, Head of Swisscom Residential Customers.

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