Twitter TV users are more engaged, says Nielsen

Twitter_logo_blueThere is a strong correlation between Twitter TV engagement and engagement with programming among viewers, according to a study by US-based audience measurement specialist Nielsen. 

Nielsen analysed minute-by-minute Twitter activity around live airings of eight US cable TV shows with different levels of Twitter activity and TV ratings, as well as taking measurements of emotion, memory, and attention among 300 viewers.

The company found that changes in Twitter TV activity are strongly correlated with neurological engagement, with 79.5% or respondents revealing such a correlation. The study identified emotion, memory and attention as the specific neurometrics tied to Twitter TV activity.

Neilsen said that its previous neurological studies showed that these responses are correlated with sales outcomes in ad testing and brand research had also shown that ads perform better on memorability in TV programs with high program engagement.

Nielsen suggested that Twitter has an opportunity to make additional money by marketing its TV data to advertisers to inform them how to better spend with channels.

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