TV ad revenue in UK reaches record £4.91 billion

ThinkboxTV advertising revenues in the UK climbed by 6% in 2014, reaching a record £4.91 billion for the full year, according to new research by Thinkbox. 

The marketing body for commercial TV in the UK said that 2014 was the fifth consecutive year that TV ad revenue had grown in the UK and, citing stats from the Advertising Association/Warc, predicted TV ad revenue would grow by a further 5.5% in 2015.

Thinkbox noted that 65.8% of TV set viewing tine in 2014 was of commercial channels, with 45 ads watched per day on average.

There were 800 advertisers that were either new or returning to TV after at least five years, according to the research, which used Nielsen and Sky AdSmart data.

However, in real terms, TV advertising prices in 2014 were 40.7% cheaper than 20 years ago.

The research included all the money invested by advertisers in commercial TV – across linear spot ads and sponsorship, broadcaster VOD, and product placement.

“Confidence in TV advertising reflects its unrivalled ability to create business profit and sales. It is also a testament to the brilliant content invested in by the UK broadcasters and the unique qualities of TV as a medium,” claimed Thinkbox CEO Lindsey Clay.

“No other form of advertising can do what TV does. And, as TV viewing evolves to become more flexible for viewers, this is opening up new opportunities for brands to harness its power.”

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