Stingray rebrands services and launches voice-authenticated mobile app

Stingray_Music_HorMusic services for TV specialist Stingray is launching a new music mobile app and rolling out a new global brand identity and logo encompassing all the services it offers across Europe.

The Stingray Music mobile app will give users with access to Stingray Music channels on their TV packages on-the-go access to all music on their channels via a free app that allows them to identify themselves using a new audio imprinting technology. The app will allow also allow users to sign using their Facebook accounts.

The app will be introduced nationwide in the Netherlands on April 1, where Stingray Music is available across all platforms. Germany will follow in May with further launches in Europe to follow.

According to Stingray, the brand identity launch will allow it to group all its services under a new unified brand and give those services greater international visibility.

The new branding will be phased in gradually, starting with the two music services, Music Choice Europe and XLnt Radio, which from April 1 will be known as Stingray Music. From the same date Lite TV will be branded Stingray Lite TV. Concert TV and The Karaoke Channel will follow at a later date.

The brand review was completed with the Sid Lee Agency. The new logo, representing two superimposed rays, “projects the energetic and contemporary sense of the company, and the dynamic nature of their range of services”, according to Stingray.

“It has been seven years since Stingray was founded, and over the course of those years several strategic acquisitions have come our way. As such, we have an extremely coherent portfolio in terms of experience and quality, so it seemed natural that we should offer our clients all our services under a single brand that speaks to them. We expect to speed up development of innovative products to allow our clients to have the best music with them at all times,” said Éric Boyko, president and CEO of Stingray.

“The launch of the Stingray Music mobile app will create a universe of unlimited options for our clients, and the possibility to have a custom made experience that reaches the expectations of our clientele. Free with a TV subscription to any of our partners, the Stingray Music app will be the ideal companion for all your activities.”