Mobile video to account for 20% of all viewing by 2025

Joel Espelien

Joel Espelien

Mobile video will account for more than 20% of overall viewing time among US consumers by 2025, with smartphones and tablets to take share from both TV and PC-based video viewing, according to new research.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) claims that viewing on smartphones and tablets will experience strong growth over the next decade, but also points out that a high proportion of ‘mobile’ viewing is not done by people on the move.

“According to February 2015 TDG research, close to 80% of ta

blet viewing and 50% of smartphone viewing takes place in the home. It’s less about ‘mobile viewing’ as commonly imagined and more about the individualisation and personalisation of TV itself,” says TDG senior analyst Joel Espelien.

“The concept of ‘watching television’ is being redefined, transforming from a social medium characterised by groups of viewers sitting in front of the living room television, to an individual medium defined by solitary viewers watching programs on smaller, more personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.”