One in three UK broadband connections superfast

Ofcom broadband speedsSome 32% of UK broadband connections are now ‘superfast’, up from 24% in November 2013, according to new research by Ofcom. 

The UK broadcast regulator said that average broadband speeds have increased by a fifth in the six months to November 2014, thanks to increasing uptake of broadband connections that are 30 Megbits per second or above – classified as ‘superfast’.

In the largest absolute rise in broadband speeds that Ofcom has recorded, the average UK broadband speed is now 22.8Mbit/s, up from 18.7Mbit/s in May 2014.

Among superfast broadband customers, the average actual speed being delivered across connections was 50.4Mbit/s in November 2014.

Breaking down broadband speeds by technology, Ofcom said that as of November 2014, the average ADSL connection was 7.3Mbit/s, the average fibre connection was 41.6Mbit/s and the average cable connection was 54.4Mbit/s – with the latter helped by a speed upgrade programme by the UK’s largest cable broadband provider, Virgin Media.

“The UK has seen significant investment in superfast broadband, and millions of households are now benefitting from faster speeds and more choice. But there’s still more to be done to ensure that everyone can share in those benefits,” said acting Ofcom CEO Steve Unger.

“It’s encouraging to see continued investment in infrastructure from broadband providers, supported by government funding to bring faster broadband to harder to reach areas. By providing the best possible information, Ofcom can help people understand the broadband services available to them and what they can do to get the most from their broadband.”

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