Iris now over 60% of NOS pay TV base

Nos Iris TVPortuguese cable and pay TV provider NOS saw strong advanced TV platform growth and strong uptake in convergent packages in the fourth quarter, contributing to a solid 2014 full-year performance. 

NOS’s Iris advanced TV service added 60,400 customers in the fourth quarter, taking the Iris total to 694,000 or 60% of the cable pay TV base. NOS said that Usage of IRIS is growing exponentially, with over 140 million interactions per day, over 90 thousand streams at peak time and 165 thousand unique visitors to the Youtube player.

OS recorded positive Pay TV net adds of 7,100in 4Q14, a combination of net growth in the DTH base of 6,700 and of 400 in the cable base, the first growth recorded since 2012.

NOS added close to 400,000 revenue-generating units in the quarter, taking its total to 1.85 million. Convergent or multi-play customers now account for 30% of the base.

On the financial side, NOS managed to arrest its quarterly decline in 4Q, with 4Q revenues down just 0.7% year-on-year.

Revenues for the year were €1.384 billion, down 3%, while EBITDA was €510.5 million, down 4.9%. Net income was €74.7 million, up 17.8%.

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