RDK adds support for DVB SI

The Reference Design Kit (RDK), the open source-based RDK software platform for cable devices, has added support for DVB Service Information to its software stack. 

The move means that the ability to deliver in-band DVB SI is now included in the RDK and is available to licensees. Arris made the major contribution to extend the RDK for implementations in DVB markets.

The RDK is a pre-integrated software bundle that provides a common framework for powering customer-premises equipment from service providers, including set-top boxes, gateways, and converged devices. DVB-SI provides RDK-based devices with in-band table of contents and data required for EPGs.

While the major European adopter of RDK to date, Liberty Global, delivers this data out of band in IP, the extension will enable other service providers that want to deliver EPG data as part of the DVB broadcast stream to adopt the RDK for set-top boxes. In-band DVB-SI provides data reliability for service providers that operate one way networks, or that are in the process of transitioning to two way networks.

The latest extensions add to RDK support for other DVB components including teletext and subtitles announced  last year, with input from Seachange.

“Given the RDK’s global reach and appeal, it was imperative to deliver DVB-SI functionality to support legacy networks,” said Steve Heeb, President and General Manager of RDK Management, the body responsible for administering the

RDK. “Thanks to a dedicated working group led by Arris and Liberty Global, operators in Europe and other parts of the world can more easily adopt the RDK across their markets.”

Larry Robinson, president, customers premises equipment at Arris said: “We’re very proud to have helped drive the process and development of a DVB-SI solution that will have widespread applicability to our customers, prospects, and the broader RDK community.”

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