Netia hit by multiroom price rise but sees TV uptick

Netia 2Polish service provider Netia saw a modest uptick in TV numbers in the fourth quarter of last year despite starting to charge for multiroom services, although the number of multiroom subscribers declined.

Netia’s TV base increased from 134,000 to 137,000 in the quarter. However its decision to switch from offering multiroon services for free on its HFC network led to a dip in the total number of TV services sold of about 7,000.
Netia saw its broadband numbers grow by 4,600 over the same period.

Netia posted fourth quarter revenues of PLN404 million, an increase of 2%, Fourth quarter EBITDA stood at PLN226 million, while adjusted EBITDA excluding one-off gains stood at PLN113.3 million.

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