Sony outlines growth strategy

Sony has said that devices, game and network services, pictures, and music will drive its profit growth over the next three years. 

Outlining its mid-term corporate strategy for full year 2015 to full year 2017, Sony said that it will “engage in aggressive capital investment” in these areas in a bid to improve sales and profits.

In pictures, Sony said it will focus on growing ratings and increasing its channel offering in its Media Networks business, while strengthening its Television Production business and improving margins in its Motion Picture business.

In games and network services, the company said it will aim to up the installed user base of the PlayStation platform and PlayStation Network. In devices, Sony said it will focus on image sensors, while in music it will focus in on the streaming music market.

In terms of TV manufacturing, Sony said that after dividing its TV business last year, in October 2015 it aims to “commence the next stage of this reorganisation process by splitting out the video and sound business unit and launching it as a self-sustained, wholly owned subsidiary.

“Sony also intends to move forward with preparations for splitting out other business units thereafter. For those business units that are already operating as subsidiaries, Sony will move to further increase their levels of autonomy based on the strategy outlined above,” it said.


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