Culture channel TipstR.TV launches on Yamgo

TipstR.TV logoArt and culture channel TipstR.TV has launched on mobile TV service Yamgo TV.

Berlin-based TipstR.TV focuses on modern and contemporary European art and culture with content on art, live music and fashion. Programmes include Loud!, which showcases Berlin’s street-style and Sound Visions Live and Unplugged which features musicians from across the globe.

TipstR.TV will be distributed on the Yamgo mobile TV network, which claims an audience of over 40 million unique users across the globe and is available on mobile devices including smartphones, featurephones and tablets.

“TipstR.TV is new, current and on-site broadcast. We focus on the creative passion behind projects and the many uncountable stories that people in a metropolitan cities share. We are very happy and excited to reach new audiences across the globe through Yamgo, a leading global provider of end-to-end linear TV and video streaming services, which empower consumers to watch their favourite TV shows anytime anywhere,” said TipstR.TV CEO Sahin MacKrodt.

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