iConcerts taps TV App Agency for smart TV

iconcerts smart tvMusic subscription video-on-demand service iConcerts has tapped TV App Agency to provide smart TV apps globally for it. 

The smart TV app created by TV App Agency includes features such as enabling viewers to create their own live music playlists as well as accessing the iMix selection of preset playlists.

“iConcerts offers a huge range of music and live entertainment. We are pleased to have been able to make this service accessible worldwide across multiple platforms as consumers have now come to expect,” said Mathieu Sibille, CEO of iConcerts.

“Through our collaboration with TV App Agency, iConcerts music content has now become available through a state-of-the-art 3rd. generation Smart TV App designed by iConcerts and developed by TV App Agency for, among others, the Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Sony platforms. This marks our completion of rolling out iConcerts with all major Smart TV brands in the market.”

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