Toshiba agrees smart TV ad partnership with Smartclip

Olivier Van Wynendaele

Olivier Van Wynendaele

Toshiba has agreed a new partnership with video ad technology company Smartclip, which has secured the European advertising rights for Toshiba’s smart TV platform.

Smartclip will deliver digital video campaigns on the home screens of Toshiba devices throughout Europe, with brand manufacturers able to place their ad formats on the home screen menu.

Advertisers and agencies can access addressable TV inventory programmatically through Smartclip’s proprietary private video exchange, the SmartX Platform.

“We made a conscious decision in favour of Smartclip’s monetisation skills, their passion for the subject and – of course – their expertise. What particularly impressed us was the opportunity to have one pan-European partner to contribute to the growth of our advertising business,” said Toshiba’s head of TV cloud services, Olivier Van Wynendaele.

Smartclip CEO Jean-Pierre Fumagalli added: “While expertise in the subject area of smart TVs is absolutely required, size is a crucial factor for monetisation potential. With this new partnership, we offer a great benefit for Toshiba while also offering the advertising industry the largest combined smart TV coverage by far.”

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