CTC Media closes Moldovan subsidiary

Sergey Petrov

Sergey Petrov

Russian broadcaster CTC Media is closing its subsidiary in the Republic of Moldova and cutting its CTC Mega TV channel, citing the “current market situation” in the country. 

Announcing the move, CTC Media’s deputy director general for broadcasting management, Sergey Petrov, said the move was part of an effort by CTC to increase the efficiency of its business in Moldova.

CTC also said it now intends to start selling its content to other channels operating in the country.

“The company has decided to close its subsidiary, I.M. Teledixi S.R.L., which was broadcasting in Moldova as CTC Mega, to focus on the cable and satellite distribution of CTC Media channels in Moldova,” said Petrov.

“Additionally, given its popularity in Moldova, we are evaluating the possibility of selling CTC Media content to other TV channels in the country.”

Family entertainment channel CTC Mega TV had been broadcasting in Moldova since 2005, however its content licence expired at the end of December 2014.

The network consisted of most popular programming from CTC Media’s CTC, Domashny and Peretz channels and had a technical coverage of 98% of the country’s territory.

Last November, CTC Media launched a licensing business and said it planned to license brands targeted at the teenage and adult audiences based on hit programmes including Kitchen, The Voronins, Molodezhka and brands from thematic channels Domashny TV and Peretz TV.

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