Magyar Telekom revamps TV offering

magyar telekomDeutsche Telekom-owned Hungarian service provider Magyar Telekom has revamped its TV offering, simplifying its package offerings and adding new channels, including additional HD services. 

The company said that after completing negotiations with content providers it had simplified its mini-package structure and begun delivering unified mini-packages across its different networks, including IPTV, satellite and cable.

New subscribers can now choose from from two mini-packages. Nagyvilág – Great World – includes 20 information and entertainment channels, including news services , documentary channels, music services and foreign-language services, while Filmvilág – World of Films – includes 18 channels with a focus on movies.

Among the new channels included in Nagyvilág is Travel Channel, offering programmes including Utazásfüggők (Travel Addicts), Nemzetközi házvadászok (International Home Hunters) and Extrém nyaralók (Extreme Holidaymakers) and Food Network.

Filmvilág includes Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Comedy Channel Extra.

In addition to the mini-packages, Magyar Telekom will continue to offer a premium HBO package, its Nightlife adult content package and Classica, a package that includes an offering of classical music as well as the Fishing & Hunting channel, which can also be purchased à la carte.

The operator has also boosted its Telekom TV Family package by adding Universal Channel and the newly launched Galaxy across all platforms.

Magyar Telekom has also added new channels to its Family+ HD package. Four new channels are being made available to cable and IPTV subscribers – RTL II HD, Cool HD, Film+ HD and Nat Geo Wild HD – taking the total to 21, while additional channels Duna HD, Duna World HD, ATV HD, Sport 2 HD, Eurosport 2 HD and MTV Live HD will additionally be made available to the satellite version of the package, meaning that the HD packages are identical across all platforms, according to the operator.

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