GoPro launches LG TV video app

DCIM266GOPROCamera maker GoPro has launched an OTT video app for LG Smart TVs, allowing viewers to stream more than 400 hours of GoPro-shot high-definition videos.

The firms launched the GoPro Channel at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it available exclusively on LG webOS smart TVs.

Viewers accessing the channel will be able to choose search for videos across more than 20 playlists, including ‘Top Picks’, ‘Deep Sea’, ‘Wild Animals’ and ‘Full Throttle’.

“Entertainment is evolving rapidly into new formats and onto new platforms, and LG smart TVs will provide a beautiful display for GoPro’s best original productions and user-generated content,” said GoPro head of programming and distribution, Adam Dornbusch. “The GoPro Channel App will enable millions of LG Smart TV owners to experience life’s most incredible moments as captured on our HERO cameras.”

GoPro already distributes content through the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games consoles, through in-flight entertainment on Virgin America, and online through services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest and

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