Viewers time-shift 71% of TV dramas, says TiVo

TiVo logoMost viewers watch drama programmes on a time-shifted basis and sports programming live, according to a new study by TiVo Research and Analytics.

The research arm of the DVR maker found that 71% of drama programming is recorded and viewed at a later time, while 79% of sports event viewing happens in real time, with ESPN and ESPN2 both among the five least time-shifted networks during the summer and autumn.

By comparison, TNT was the most time-shifted network among the top cable networks, followed by Lifetime, Bravo, Syfy, and USA. TiVo said this was testament to TNT’s “extensive slate of first run summer crime dramas.”

On average, TiVo found that subscribers pause their favourite shows an average of 8.03 times, hit rewind 7.83 times and press the fast-forward button 25.11 times per day.

TiVo Research analysed viewing data from a daily anonymous sample of 350,000 TiVo households, a sample of 30,000 TiVo households that use TiVo streaming technologies, as well as a sample of 1.5 million TiVo and non-TiVo households matched to supermarket store purchase data. The data was collected between July to September of this year.

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