Viewers skip work to watch TV, says BT

BT_Vision_11Almost half of Brits have used holiday days to watch TV, with 42% claiming to have intentionally booked annual leave for the purpose of watching the tube, according to BT research. 

The UK telco and pay TV provider claims that the average person has used a day and a half of their holiday this year to watch their favourite shows, with 22% of those having used their days to watch a TV series marathon.

According to the research, some 21% said that they believed using their holiday days was the only way they could catch up with shows, while 16% per cent of TV fans intend to take time off in the run up to Christmas to catch up on their favourite shows.

BT said that the top 10 shows that Brits will be watching in the run up to Christmas include Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

BT is now letting its TV customers sign up for Netflix alongside BT’s products and services, with the convenience of paying for them all in one bill, directly through BT.

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