Orion Express sets out ambitious expansion programme

Kirill Makhnovskiy

Kirill Makhnovskiy

Russian pay TV operator Orion Express has set a target of raising its subscriber base from 2.5 million to three million people this year and of increasing the number of channels on the platform from 250 to 300. 

CEO Kirill Makhnovsky told Interfax-AVN that the operator was implementing a range of plans, including the launch of new channels, in order to grow revenues from its customer base. He said the operator planned to improve its basic package, raising the number of channels to close to 300 before the end of next year, including the addition of more regional channels.

Makhnovsky also said that Orion Express plans to invest in original content. he said the operator would launch an educational channel, Yege, soon, with a channel focusing on hobbies, Mir Uvlecheniy, to launch next year. Makhnovsky said that Orion Express would also look into the possibility of introducing connected return channel services.

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