TV shows account for 43% of millennials’ video viewing, says TiVo

TiVo logoTV shows still account for 43% of millennials’ video viewing, though they are far more likely to use free and subscription sites to stream content than other generations, according to research by DVR maker TiVo. 

TiVo Research’s Second Annual Millennial Video Entertainment Survey found that after TV shows, theatrical films accounted for 18% of millennials’ video viewing, followed by sports and music videos at 10% each.

Among people in this age category – aged 13 to 34 years old – some 68% said they use free streaming sites such as YouTube, compared to just 43% for people belonging to other generations.

Roughly 66% of millennials also reported that they use subscription sites such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, compared to 44% for other generations

In contrast, only 43% of millennials said that they receive content from an MVPD (multichannel video programming distributor), a full ten percent below the average of the other generations.

“Video consumption varies dramatically by generation, but all agree on their top two preferred types of video: TV shows and full-length movies. After that, millennials watch more music videos and less live sports than other generations,” said TiVo Research.

“Despite differences in the types of video watched on television there are consistent trends that cut across every generation. When asked about how their consumption of video has changed versus a year ago, all four generations reported a decline in watching full-length movies and live events (non-sports), while viewing of TV shows and clips of TV shows is on the rise.”

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