French TV households decline and diversify audiovisual reception

The number of French households with TVs declined in the year to June, while the number of homes receiving TV only via DTT or only IPTV fell slightly over the same period, according to a study for media regulator the CSA and other public bodies. 

According to the third household study of audiovisual equipment, 96.7% of French homes were equipped with at least one TV at the end of the first half, down 1.4% year-on-year. By comparison, computers were present in 80.3% of homes, while 59.3% of people aged 15 and over owned a smartphone. Tablets were present in 32% of homes.

Digital-terrestrial TV remained the main way to receive TV, present in 59.1% of homes with at least one TV set. TV over ADSL came a close second, with 43.9% of homes receiving TV in this way. This compares with 24.7% of homes that take satellite TV and 8.4% that take cable.

Just under three homes in 10 only take DTT, down four points on the previous six months, while only one home in five relies entirely on ADSL to receive TV, down one point.

DTT HD receivers were present in 79.7% of homes, up very slightly.

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