TDC launches planned Blockbuster service in beta

Blockbuster DenmarkDanish telco TDC has launched its planned Blockbuster-branded VoD and electronic sell-through service in beta mode. The company said it had decided to launch the service, plans for which were revealed by DTVE Daily last month, in beta while it fine-tuned a number of elements.

Blockbuster chief executive Casper Hald said it was the company’s ambition to deliver “the best Danish film store” and that the development of the service was a process that would take more than one day.

Hald said Blockbuster aimed to take sales away from the declining DVD business by delivering a good user experience on the right platforms for users.

The service is available on the web, via iOS and Android apps, and via Samsung’s smart TV platform. It will launch on Sony PlayStation game consoles next week and on Sony, Philips, LG and Panasonic smart TVs and The Google Chromecast platform in January.

Rental prices for movies range from DKK19 (€2.55)-DKK49 and sell-through prices from DKK49-DKK169. The catalogue is currently about 5,000 titles strong, which will be extended to at least 6,5400, according to the company.

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