Awareness of ultra high-definition on the rise

LG's Ultra HD Curved OLED TV

LG’s Ultra HD Curved OLED TV

The percentage of people who are aware of the term ‘Ultra HD’ rose from 39% in January 2014 to 57% in November, according to new research by StrategyAnalytics.

The research firm’s US ConsumerMetrix survey, said that consumer awareness of Ultra HD or 4K TV is “growing steadily,” and that a combined 93% of those who have seen the technology found it extremely or somewhat impressive.

StrategyAnalytics found that 23% of respondents claimed to have watched an Ultra HD, 4K TV – either in a shop, at home or somewhere else. Among those people, 53% rated the video quality as “extremely impressive” and 40% as “somewhat impressive”.

“These are extremely high ratings for any new technology. The fact that nearly everyone who has seen an Ultra HD TV is impressed is very encouraging for TV manufacturers and retailers and bodes well for a strong end to the 2014 holiday season,” said StrategyAnalytics principal analyst, David Mercer.

The research was conducted last month via online interviews with 2001 US participants.

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