UPC Poland to launch full version of Horizon

upc_Horizon_prez_S2-na-koniec-286x128Liberty Global-owned cable operator UPC Poland is to launch a full Horizon advanced TV offering, making available a decoder that provides access to advanced TV, internet and telephony, in the New Year. 

UPC Poland, which has already made the Horizon Go service available, has invited a select group of its customers to trial the set-top box service ahead of its commercial launch. The decoder, which provides access to social media sites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter on TV as well as personalised navigation, is equipped with a double-sided QWERTY keyboard for easier use of advanced features.

The box allows users to record up to four programmes simultaneously while watching a fifth, to record programmes remotely via the Horizon app, to pause live TV and to access a variety of internet sites.

Grzegorz Esz, UPC Poland board member responsible for marketing, said that the launch of Horizon would provide the operator’s customers with the “the best experience in the use of television in Poland”.


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