Eurochannel launches in Slovakia with Antik

Movie channel Eurochannel has launched in Slovakia on Košice-based Antik Telecom’s platform. 

Eurochannel offers a range of European movies, series and music and is also distributed in Latin America, the US and Korea as well as in various European countries.

“We are very proud that Antik Telecom will enable Slovakia to enjoy our unique selection of entertainment and brings to its subscribers an alternative to local and North American content. It is an important achievement to accelerate our development in this region to watch the best of European entertainment,” said Gustavo Vainstein, CEO of Eurochannel.

“We are proud to become the first IPTV provider ever in Slovakia and the Czech Republic introducing the Eurochannel as a new exclusive TV channel in the Antik IPTV service. The new European entertainment channel will enrich our premium package of TV channels,” said Vlastimil Lakatos, IPTV manager at Antik Telecom.

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