Bouygues Telecom to launch Android box in January

Bouygues Telecom CEO Olivier Roussat

Bouygues Telecom CEO Olivier Roussat

French service provider Bouygues Telecom is to launch its new Android-based box, dubbed Miami, in the New Year, according to local reports.

Existing subscribers will be given access to the device in January, with new customers to follow soon afterwards. CEO Olivier Roussat said the operator wanted to reward existing clients for their loyalty first.

The box will provide access to Google Play services, as well as services from the likes of Netflix. Although the box is powered by Android, the UI has been designed for Bouygues by French company iFeelSmart, while the recommendation engine is provided by Spideo.

The box will be sold at €25.99 a month, initially for ADSL customers, with a fibre version to follow soon after. Bouygues Telecom customers who access services via the Numericable cable network will not, however, have access to the device immediately.

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