UK pay TV customers watch just 25% of available channels

Watching_TV_2Pay TV customers in the UK watch just 25% of the channels they pay for, despite spending an average of  £398 (€502) per year on their television packages, according to uSwitch.

The price comparison company’s research claims that some 27% of Brits watch less than 10% of the channels they pay for, with the average watching a quarter of the channels they receive.

Some 62% of households said they subscribe to pay TV, spending an average of £33 per-month.

Roughly 27% also pay for extras, such as films on-demand and one-off sporting events, adding an extra £13 on average to their monthly TV bills.

However, the research found that 30% of TV customers were unhappy with their TV deal saying their current package wasn’t good value for money.

“What’s abundantly clear from our research is that many households are shelling out for packages that don’t best suit their viewing needs,” said Ewan Taylor-Gibson, TV and broadband expert at

“Sometimes it makes sense to buy add-ons, rather than upgrading your whole package; but if you’re buying box office films every week and you watch nothing else, for example, you’d be better off with a film-streaming service instead.”

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