Numericable-SFR chief reveals number one ambition

Eric Denoyer

Eric Denoyer

The CEO of France’s newly created Numericable-SFR has thrown down the gauntlet to its principal rival Orange by saying that his ambition is to become the country’s leader in high-speed internet and mobile.

Interviewed by French daily Le Figaro, Eric Denoyer also said that Numericable-SFR had no need to acquire smaller rival Bouygues Telecom. This followed speculation that the Altice-backed group could acquire Bouygues’ telecom unit after Numericable beat the latter to take control of SFR.

Denoyer said that Numericable-SFR intended to double its fibre coverage to 15 million homes by 2020 and to deliver 4G coverage of 70% of the country’s population by the end of next year.

Denoyer also confirmed that SFR would become the sole brand of the group, replacing six consumer brands and seven enterprise brands.

Denoyer said that SFR’s existing fixed-line clients would not be forced to sign up for Numericable’s services. He also said that the new group would not join the race to the bottom by entering into a new price war with its competitors.

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