BT undercuts Sky to target hospitality market

BT SportBT is to aggressively target the UK hospitality market by making its three premium sports channels available from £77 (€96) a month to commercial premises, with two months available free of charge for those who sign up before November 24.

According to BT, its offer will mean that a 65 bed hotel will be able to save 83% per annum when compared to rival offering Sky Sport.

For hotels wishing to add the BT Sport service to their room, the three channels can be added for an incremental £3 per room per month.

The 65-room hotel cited by BT would be charged £134 a month for a bar-only subscription, compared with £803 for a matching Sky subscription, according to BT.

Hotels with fewer than 10 rooms would be charged £77 a month for a bar-only subscription.

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