thePlatform launches mpx Replay to take linear channels online

mpx_thePlatform_1Comcast-owned video management and publishing firm, thePlatform, has launched a new service to help broadcasters publish their linear TV channels online.

Mpx Replay is a premium service that thePlatform will offer as part of its mpx video publishing system.

“Mpx Replay provides instant asset creation for publishing and distribution, automated metadata to support richer search and discovery, pre-set availability windows, ad policy enforcement, and increased monetisation options,” according to thePlatform.

Marty Roberts, co-CEO of thePlatform claims the service address distinct but similar needs facing broadcasters, particularly in Europe and North America.

“In Europe, broadcasters need a faster and more efficient way to address the growing demand for catch-up TV across any screen. In North America, broadcasters need an optimised C3 video process that keeps national ad loads intact when bringing their channels online. mpx Replay provides a streamlined, cloud-based solution for both,” said Roberts, referring to Nielsen’s C3 measure of ads watched both live and through three-days of DVR playback.