More viewers connect PCs to TVs in Europe than US

PC-to-TV Parks AssociatesAmong broadband households, there is higher adoption of PC-to-TV connections in Europe than in the US, according to new research by Parks Associates. 

Parks claims that 54% of Spanish broadband homes and 38% of UK and German broadband households have a PC connected to the TV, compared to 32% in the US.

Parks also noted that among smartphone and tablet owners, 46% in Germany, 59% in Spain, and 47% in the UK use these devices to search for video content.

“Growth of broadband services and expansion of OTT services are driving systematic changes throughout Europe’s video industry,” said Brett Sappington, director, research, Parks Associates.

“Netflix is expanding, and new entrants are launching video services. Pay TV providers are introducing their own services to compete with these new players, and broadcasters are expanding access to online video. They will find a receptive audience as European broadband households are very active online.”