Cable operators top Netflix Euro-rankings

NetflixBuilding4Netflix has published its second assessment of internet service providers’ performance in Europe since it launched in a batch of countries in September.

In France, the rankings showed strong progress by cable provider Numericable and a slight decline in performance by ADSL providers.

Numericable’s rollout of high-speed services meant that its October average stood at 3.62Mbps in the latest rankings, against 3.38Mbps a month earlier.

Bouygues Telecom came second, delivering an average of 3.12Mbps, followed by Orange with 3.06Mbps and SFR with 3.04Mbps. Free trailed behind the other major ISPs with an average speed of 2.99Mbps.

German operators were more evenly matched, led by UnitymediaKabelBW with an average of 3.94Mbps, followed by Kabel Deutschland with 3.82Mbps. Deutsche Telekom came fifth after NetCologne and MNet with 3.46Mbps.

Cable operator Liwest led in Austria with 4.2Mpbs, with UPC Austria coming fourth with 3.84Mbps. In Belgium, Voo’s 3.93Mbps topped the list, with Telenet delivering an average of 3.85Mbps. In Switzerland, among the larger providers, UPC Cablecom came third with 3.97Mbps, beating sixth placed Swisscom’s 3.73Mbps.

In the UK meanwhile, where Netflix has been present for longer, Virgin Media once again led the rankings with an average of 3.41Mbps, followed by BT with 3.09Mbps and BSkyB with 2.81Mbps. TalkTalk trailed the major ISPs with 2.74Mbps.

Cable also led in Sweden, with Com Hem leading the rankings with 3.76Mbps. In Norway, fibre operator Altibox led the way with 3.58Mbps, followed by cable provider Get with 3.57Mbps.

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