Video accounts for 6% of African mobile web traffic

sandvineIn Africa streaming video now accounts for 6% of downstream traffic on mobile networks, according to new research by broadband network solutions firm Sandvine.

The African internet usage report notes that mobile video accounts for significantly less downstream traffic than in North America and Europe where it accounts for more than 30%.

In terms of fixed networks, video streaming is the leading source of downstream internet traffic at 26%. However, Sandvine noted that this too was still “significantly lower than North America and Europe where it accounts for more than 30%.”

YouTube was named as the top video streaming app, accounting for 12.3% of fixed downstream traffic, while P2P filesharing represents more than 15% of total fixed network traffic.

Sandvine said this level of filesharing was “likely due to the lack of over-the-top streaming options and the poorer streaming experience afforded by slower networks, compared to downloading content to watch later.”

Sandvine’s COO of sales and global services, Tom Donnelly, said: “Throughout Africa, communications service providers are rapidly building out their networks to enhance services and extend coverage into new and previously unconnected locations.”