Sky Deutschland in 4K partnership with hip-hop band

sky deutschland_eingang_1253x823_02Sky Deutschland has teamed up with Sony Music to deliver live coverage in 4K of the forthcoming live tour of Stuttgart-based hip-hop band Die Fantaschischen Vier/Fanta 4. 

Based around the release of Fanta 4’s latest album, the pay TV operator will deliver a comprehensive package of content and marketing support between now and June 2015.

As part of the partnership, Sky will deliver the first 4K coverage of a live concert on German TV from Fanta 4’s December 20 concert in Stuttgart’s Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. The event will be broadcast to a small number of selected households as well as being made avaialble to Sky sports bars. The event wll probably also be aired in two multiplex cinemas in Berlin and Munich, according to Sky.

Sky will also produce extensive ‘behind the scenes’ footage that will be aired on its Sky Select paltform before the December 20 concert. A non-live conceert documentary in UHD will be produced for the cinema in February which ill also be made avaiable for sale.

Other elements of the marketing package put together for Fanta 4 by Sky include a campaign in support of the album on the Sky Go platform.