UK consumers look to TV as smart home centre

Two thirds of UK consumers would like the TV to be at the centre of their smart home network, according to research into the appeal of the smart home carried out by GfK. 

According to the research, 67% of respondents want the TV to be at the centre of a home network, acting as an information hub and receiving content from other including readings smart meters and healthcare information as well as entertainment content.

The research found that 38% of respondents would be willing to pay for this functionality.

Overall, respondents expressed an interest n smart home functionality but were less willing to pay for this functionality, with 35% saying they would be willng to pay to make their home smarter. In general, the age group least likely to own their home – 18-34 year-olds – were most willing to pay to make them smarter, at 49%, while only a fifth of over 54s – those most likely to own their homes – would be willing to pay.

While 84% were enthused by energy meters connected to the natonal grid to help control costs, only 28% were willing to pay for this. A higher proportion were willing to pay for a ‘remote controlled home’, with 67% being attracted to this functionality and 51% being willing to pay.

Sixty-four per cent of respondents were attracted to home health monitoring, with 39% willing to pay.

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