Swiss operators adopt common code on net neutrality

Swisscom signSwiss service providers Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC Cablecom, Orange and the cable network companies’ association Swisscable have teamed up to adopt a common position on net neutrality.

The operators have formulated a code of conduct and are to create a new Ombudsman office that will monitor net neutrality in the country.

Principles adopted include that no services or applications will be blocked and that freedom of information and the free expression of opinion will not be restricted.

The code states that bandwidth may be managed under some circumstances, for example to comply with official rulings and to prioritise time-critical services such as IP telephony, TV, emergency calls, video conferencing and future telemedicine applications.

Where it is suspected that a service provider is in breach of the code, users will be able to call on the ombudsman’s office, which will draw on the expertise of independent consultants in examining the case and mediating between users and service providers.

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