MTG wins one, loses one in Russia

mtg new logo_400x400arRussian pay TV provider Orion Express has added 10 channels from Modern Times Group’s Viasat Broadcasting to its line-up.

Orion Express is offering Viasat channels in two new packages – a Viasat premium HD offering and a Viasat offering – with the addition of channels TV1000 Russian Kino, TV1000 Premium HD, TV1000 Megahit HD, TV1000 Comedy, Viasat Sport, TV1000, TV1000 Action, VIiasat Explore, Viasat History and Da Vinci Learning.

Orion Express CEO Kirill Makhnovskiy said the addition aof the channels was a “milestone” for the company.

Viasat’s deal with Orion comes as cable operator Akado took the decision to pull its channels from its service after failing to agree a carriage deal.

According to Russian daily Vedomosti, Akado pulled the channels at the beginning of the month after failing to agree new terms following the ban on advertising on pay TV channels in the country.