Swisscom sees strong TV growth

Swisscom_TV_on_iPad_VOD-tipsSwisscom grew its TV base by almost a fifth in the year to September, ending the third quarter with 1.125 million TV customers, up 19.3% year-on-year and up 34,000 in the third quarter. 

The operator’s TV 2.0 offering, launched in the spring, had attracted 152,000 customers by the end of September, most of whom upgraded from the legacy platform. TV 2.0 includes a range of advanced features such as cloud-based recording.

Growth in the TV base was based on growth n bundled offerings, with the number of customers using a bundled package increasing year-on-year by 23% to 1,154 million. Swisscom integrated its TV 2.0 offering into all packages.

Revenue from bundled contracts rose by 24.4% to CHF1.405 billion, with the main drivers of this business being television and mobile. The number of revenue generating units increased year-on-year by 332,000 or 2.8% to 12.3 million.

Overall, Swisscom psoted an increase in revenues of only 2% for the first nine months of the year to CHF8.63 billion, with improvements in new services being offset by a decline in the core business. EBITDA was up 3.8% to CHF3.37 billion.