Tele Columbus launches new triple-play offering

Tele Columbus zentrale_hannover_bigGerman cable operator Tele Columbus has launched a new triple-play offering aimed at attracting new customers, making 50Mbps internet, flat-rate telephony and an HDTV package available for up to €11 less than the combined individual services. 

The 3er Kombi offering comes in three variants. The 3er Kombi 50 HD pack comprises 50Mbps internet and 100 digital TV channels including 37 HD services. The 3er Kombi 50 Extra HD pack includes 30 premium channels, 10 of which are in HD, while the 3er Kombi 50 Sky variant includes the Sky World package with 29 premium channels and the option to take the Sky Bundesliga offering.

The packages are available for €19.99, €29.99 and €39.99 a month respectively.