Spain’s R taps Arris for RFoG

Spanish cable operator R, which is based in the Galicia region, has signed a deal with technology provider Arris for Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) technology to to improve bandwidth provisioning, increase efficiency across its network and ensure legacy infrastructure can be expanded with fiber-to-the-premises RFoG extensions.

The technology will be implemented from November 2014 by Arris reseller bcSistemas, which was selected as the systems integrator following a trial earlier this year. R has selected a range of Arris solutions including optical network units, optical transmitters, optical receivers for RFoG, optical amplifiers, multiplexers and passives to build their offering.

RFoG enables cable operators to deploy fibre to new areas while reusing legacy DOCSIS equipment in the headend and in subscribers’ homes.

“Arris’s RFoG technology will enable us to deliver fibre to more of our network. This means our commercial and residential customers will see a dramatic improvement in service and overall experience,” said Julio Sánchez Agrelo, director of the network division at R.

“We are excited about this technology and its potential to reduce our operating costs and maximize our HFC infrastructure investment over the coming years, even as technology advances.”

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