TDC to provide IPTV platform for Norway’s NextGenTel

TDCDanish telecom operator TDC has begun providing the TV platform for Norwegian telco NextGenTel, the country’s third largest broadband provider. 

NextGenTel will use TDC’s IPTV platform to deliver servces to its own subscribers, following an agreement signed between the pair earlier this year.

NextGenTel serves about 145,000 broadband households in Norway. CEO Eirik Lunde has said he believes a high proportion of these are potential customers for TV services.

The contract between TDC and NextGenTel is for five years and has a vlaue of DKK150 million (€20 million).

TDC and its Fullrate subsidiary use the platform to deliver TV services to 240,000 homes in Denmark.

“We are pleased that NextGenTel has chosen our platform to distribute television to its customers in Norway. This confirms the quality of the platform we have developed in the TDC Group,” saiod Asger Hattel, head of TDC Nordic and TDC Wholesale.