Tricolor TV launches 4K channel

TricolorRussian pay TV leader Tricolor TV has begun regular 4K TV broadcasts, with a pilot channel made available to subscribers at no extra charge. 

Tricolor TV has teamed up with satellite operator Eutelsat to launch the channel, which is broadcast in 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution with a frame rate of 60fps, encoded in the HEVC/H.265 format.

The 4K service is available via the Eutelsat 36A and Eutelsat 36B satellites. Content includes coverage of opera performances, motorsports and nature documentaries.

Alexey Karpov, Tricolor TV’s head of sales and customer service, said that the launch was “another revolutionary step” for the operator. He said he expected full commercialisation of the channel to kick off next year.

Tricolor TV’s launch follows the launch of 4K test broadcasts by rival pay TV operator NTV+ to provide coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics earlier this year.