Pace certified for Minerva

Pace's IPH8005

Pace’s IPH8005

UK technology provider Pace has secured certification from middleware provider Minerva for its whole-home DVR system.

The Pace IPH8000M IPTV STB, IPH8005M HD-DVR, and combined whole home DVR solution have now been certified with the Minerva iTVFusion client.

Pace’s IPH8000M IPTV set-top is a non-DVR box, which supports multiple wired connectivity options including Ethernet and HomePNA over coax. The Pace IPH8005M HD-DVR is described by the company as a high-performance, compact whole home DVR solution using a field-removable hard drive for DVR functionality.

“Pace’s certification on the Minerva iTVFusion platform provides exciting opportunities for both companies, and enables us to deliver a great user experience in whole home network environments on widely deployed, industry-leading hardware solutions,” said Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva Networks. “With Pace, we continue to partner on innovative products and solutions for our service provider customers.”

“Combining Minerva’s proven service management platform with Pace’s advanced IPTV STB and HD-DVR products, provides a high-performance whole home DVR solution for service providers, enabling them to deliver and distribute compelling and innovative services in and around the home,” said Tim O’Loughlin, President, Pace Americas.

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