Intelsat 30 satellite successfully launched

intelsatIntelsat has successfully launched its new Intelsat 30 satellite from French Guiana, the firm announced yesterday. 

Intelsat 30 is the first of two new hybrid C- and Ku-band satellites, for which the Ku-band payload will provide services to DirecTV Latin America. The second, Intelsat 31, is due to launch in the second half of 2015.

“The Intelsat 30 satellite, and its DLA1 payload, demonstrates the close collaboration and continuing strong relationship between DirecTV Latin America and Intelsat. We look forward to helping DirecTV Latin America deliver reliable, high quality entertainment to their subscribers throughout the region,” said Intelsat chairman and CEO Dave McGlade.

Intelsat 30 launched on an Ariane 5 vehicle at 5:43 pm local time, and separated from the rocket’s upper stage 28 minutes after launch at 6:12 pm. Intelsat said that signal acquisition has been confirmed.

The satellite’s Ku-band payload, known as DLA-1, will provide distribution services for DirecTV Latin America in South America and the Caribbean. The C-band portion enhances Intelsat’s existing coverage of Latin America, with the satellite to be co-located with Intelsat’s Galaxy 3C satellite at 95° West

Intelsat 30 is expected to have a service life of more than 15 years.