Netflix raises 4K streaming prices

Netflix has reportedly upped the cost of accessing 4K, Ultra HD content for new members of the service due to the higher production and acquisition costs.

According to a Variety report, new Netflix subscribers in the US must now opt for the US$11.99 per-month family plan, which allows users to stream up to four programmes at a time, to qualify for its highest quality, Ultra HD video streams.

Previously, Netflix viewers could access its small catalogue of 4K titles on its standard, US$8.99 per-month package.

Netflix announced in May that it had started streaming in 4K quality over the web, with the second season of its original drama House of Cards and several nature films available in the format.

In an official blog post at the time, Netflix said that though its catalogue of Ultra HD 4K movies is currently small, it expects to add more 4K content and increase the number of devices this can be accessed on later this year.