News channels important to 71% of pay TV subscribers

BBC_WorldNews_Stack_Rev_RGB [Converted]Some 71% of European pay TV subscribers believe it’s important to have a “high quality news channel” in their TV package, according to a new study commissioned by BBC World News. 

The research, which polled 1,500 pay TV subscribers from five European countries with access to the BBC World News channel, found that two thirds of participants would be willing to pay for World News, rising to 75% in France and 80% in Germany.

“This research shows that the appetite for international news on TV is really robust and that there is clear evidence of audience demand for it to remain as a core part of any pay TV offering,” said Colin Lawrence, director of distribution for BBC Global News.

“Our audience tends to skew to affluent and upscale viewers and, although we know this important demographic has access to a number of other devices, big screen news content is still really important.”

Some 84% said it was important to have BBC World News available on their TV subscription package and 77% of BBC World News viewers said they would consider changing their TV subscription if the channel was no longer available.

However, 73% of respondents agreed that international news channels offer differing perspectives on global stories and 94% watch one of those for an additional view of major events.

RSVP Research Ltd and Vision Critical conducted the research on behalf of BBC World News on viewers in France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium.