Viggle agrees content recognition deal with Gracenote

ViggleSecond screen TV service Viggle has signed an automatic content recognition deal with Gracenote that will let Viggle users identify and match TV programmes and movies with their mobile device.

The deal builds on an existing agreement between the two firms relating to music identification, and will see Viggle use Gracenote’s Entourage ACR platform.

Viggle said that its users can now expect “faster, more accurate identification of the shows they’re watching,” with the built-in microphones in users’ tablets and smartphones able to identify a TV show by listening to a few seconds of the program dialogue and soundtrack.

“The Viggle Platform now has over seven million registered users and we’re growing rapidly. Thousands of users are joining the platform every day and we want to make sure we have the best technology in place to deliver our experience to Viggle users,” said Greg Consiglio, president and COO of Viggle.

“Expanding our technology relationship with Gracenote helps us deliver our promise to users and our TV network and advertising partners, to grow the largest entertainment marketing and rewards platform.”

The free Viggle app is available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Gracenote powers Viggle’s TV listings and associated descriptive information for TV shows, as well as providing the app with recognition technology for music, TV shows and movies.

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