Dailymotion launches video ad marketplace

Dailymotion Plus siteFrance-based Dailymotion has launched a new video ad marketplace, to allow automated purchasing of ad space on its video site in all territories. 

The Dailymotion Exchange (DMX) lets agencies and advertisers build programmatic campaigns for targeted audiences, allowing them to bid on Dailymotion’s ad inventory in real time.

“With 4 years of experience in providing programmatic video ads in different video marketplaces around the globe, Dailymotion Advertising is now providing a much more powerful offer, with unique targeting capabilities,” said Damien Pigasse, Dailymotion’s chief revenue officer.

DMX offers advanced targeting features, including targeting by desktop, mobile, tablet or TV platform, and by audience profile using socio-demographic, behavioural and interest-based data.

Dailymotion first started rolling out DMX at the beginning of the summer and there are now 15 people operating the platform for the firm spanning Paris and New York to Palo Alto.

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