Google, YouTube and Netflix ‘coolest’ media brands

netflix Bedroom_Device_shot1-0043_V_Final_0000_L_play_onb2Google, YouTube and Netflix were named the top three media brands in the UK, fending off competition from tradition broadcasters, according to the latest CoolBrands study. 

The 2014/15 CoolBrands report named Apple as the coolest brand in the UK, followed by Aston Martin, Nike, Channel and Glastonbury music festival.

The only media brands to figure in the top 10 were Google in sixth place, YouTube in seventh and Netflix at number 10.

The wider list included a number of traditional broadcasters in the media category – including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, MTV and Sky Atlantic – but none made the top 20.

Other media and technology firms included in the long-list were Vimeo, Vevo, Xbox, PlayStation, SB.TV and Instagram – the latter of which came in at number 14.

CoolBrands has been producing a barometer of Britain’s coolest brands, people and places since 2001, by polling experts and consumers.

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