UPC Hungary claims success for cloud-based YouTube app

Severina Pascu

Severina Pascu

Viewing minutes on Liberty Global-owned UPC Hungary’s cloud-delivered YouTube service have exceeded one million per day in the three months since the service launched.

Following the first phase of the rollout, the company will continue the developments to enable all UPC digital cable TV households to enjoy online content on TV by the end of the year.

More than half of UPC customers with HD boxes have started using this new service, according to the operator. Out of over 20 applications available from the cloud so far via the cloud-based service, the YouTube app has proved to be the most popular. Users spend an average of 45 minutes per session viewing YouTube videos on the platform.

UPC Hungary’s cloud-based YouTube service is delivered using technology provided by cloud-based user experience specialist ActiveVideo.

“We are delighted with the success of  the very first implementation of bringing YouTube to existing cable set-top boxes with Cloud TV technology. We will continue the rollout of this service on an even larger scale, as well as to further extend the TV viewing experience, answering the newly emerging customer needs to access any content any time on any device,” said Severina Pascu, CEO of UPC Hungary.

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